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Simply the finest beef: naturally raised, no hormones, no antibiotics


We raise our beef in the beautiful Hagerman Valley in Southern Idaho. The cattle we raise are the famous Wagyu (和牛) breed known for its very tender and well marbled qualities. This is the breed that produces the most expensive beef in the world, Japanese Kobe Beef. We raise our Wagyu in the American Style.

The American Style simply means that these Japanese cattle, some crossbred with Angus, are raised in America with American methods. In the production of true Kobe beef in Japan, the cattle are left very little room to move around and are fed a very high fat diet most of their lives. Our cattle, on the other hand, spend their days roaming around in large pastures and eating the abundant grasses. They are never given hormones, steroids or growth stimulants, and of course never see a large feedlot. These cattle are slaughtered when they are between 30 and 36 months old unlike supermarket beef which are processed at 16 to 18 months. The more mature the animal is the better it puts on marbling fat and develops rich flavor.

All of our animals at the ranch feed on grasses the majority of their lives and are fed a cereal and alfalfa diet, designed by an animal nutritionist, during the last few months. This ensures the animal optimum gains and provides a very consistent succulent and buttery flavor .