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Simply the finest beef: naturally raised, no hormones, no antibiotics




The M & N Cattle Company, LLC was founded by Greg Morrison and Makoto Nakazato (誠中里) in 2008 in Bliss, Idaho with a desire to bring their experiences eating Wagyu Beef in Japan to American tables. Ours is a small, family owned ranch in the beautiful Hagerman Valley on the Snake River in Southern Idaho.

The secret to our American Style Kobe Beef is the Wagyu (和牛) cattle breed which is known for superior marbling and tenderness. Our cattle are Japanese Black breed (Kuroushi ). We raise our cattle naturally using no hormones or antibiotics.

In order to bring the very best to your table we keep our herd small so we can focus our attention on each animal. Unlike many beef producers we do not handle thousands of animals, just enough to provide our customers with a great variety. Our beef selections are small for this reason, we want the best possible beef experience for our customers.

The lamb we offer is raised in the same natural way at Lammchën Ranch in Gooding, Idaho.

All of our beef, lamb and other meats are USDA inspected to insure the finest quality.